The Glass On Metal World Globe

earth globe, physical
scale of 1:10,000,000
diameter of 1.28 meter
rotatable / self swiveling
surface metal/enamel
weight 400 kilograms ...more


globe in 578 enameled metal segments
execution in transparent "Strip Enameling"
500 towns in German lettering
electric-mechanical impulsion
accessible through detachable pole cap
rotation 1 / 5 minutes
power supply line 220 volt
river feeding through axle (stainless steel)
foot construction to sink or/and disguise


World Fair EXPO'92, Seville, Spain
Ministry for Federal and Europe Affairs
of the Land, Saxony-Anhalt
International Trade Center, Berlin
Maritim proArte Hotel, Berlin
World Fair Expo2OOO, Hannover

Press and Information Office Of The Federal Government, Berlin
Kuehne Logistics University KLU, Hamburg


Manfred Küttner / metal designer